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JUNXELE attend the 124th Canton Fair

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Update time : 2018-11-02 17:15:32
JUNXELE attend the 2018 Canton Fair in Guangzhou city China

Canton Fair has a long history of introduce Chinese great companies and great goods to the world.
We are nice to meet new customers and share happiness of business increasing with old friends.

This year Junxiong Electric bring some new items to the show:
Which is developed for the high level market in EV charging unit or home use. It is recommended or required to use in some Europe countries especially UK. 
**EV charging unit
The need of EV charger growing rapidly all over the world. In domestic China the market of EV is 10 times than 2017.
We have all EU and US standard supply.

Hope to see you in next year!
Find more details on www.junxele.com
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