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What are the differences between SBW and SVC stabilizers regulators?

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Update time : 2018-05-21 11:45:31
SVC(TND)--Single phase ,standard supply up to 60KVA
SVC(TNS)--Three phase ,standard supply up to 30KVA
SBW--Three phase,standard supply up to 1600KVA
DBW--Single phase,standard supply up to 800KVA

Voltage regulator (also called volatge stabilizer) Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, railways, construction sites, schools, hospitals, posts 
and telecommunications, hotels, scientific research and other departments of electronic computers, precision machine tools, 
computed tomography (CT) photography, precision instruments, tests Equipment, elevator lighting, imported equipment, 
and production lines require stable power supply voltage. 
It also adapts to the user at the end of the low voltage distribution network with large or low power supply voltage and large fluctuations .
The equipment is especially suitable for all stabilizing places where the waveform of the power grid is high.

What differences with SBW and SVC regulators?

SBW and SVC regulator voltage regulator both are mechanical regulators, when the external power voltage changes, 
when the sampling circuit detects the external power voltage change value exceeds the voltage regulator accuracy, 
the circuit Drive the triode conduction, let the motor work to adjust the position of the carbon brush, change the number 
of turns of the primary coil of the transformer, thus change the output voltage of the voltage regulator.

1, SVC series is generally a single brush adjustment, SBW series with multiple carbon brushes used in parallel , 
carbon brush contact area is large, not easy to burn.

2, SVC regulator coil is circular, DBW, SBW series are column, which is the biggest difference between them.

3, the carbon brush and the coil are mechanically contacted. When flowing current, the carbon brush will generate heat. 
The higher the current is, the more serious the heat will be. The carbon brush May have little spark when it slides, 
so the place where the carbon brush touches the coil is the most important. DBW and SBW uses several carbon brushes 
working in parallel to dispersion the current on several carbon brushes. So will make less heat and have low risk of spark. 
Of course, the quality of the carbon brushes is also very important. 

SBW DBW is recommended to use over 30KVAs but because of price higher so The actual situation is customers take
 this model while over 100KVA. 
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