30KW DC fast charging station,EV charging point charging station
EV charging point charging station
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30KW DC fast charging station

Item No.: GK-GC-DC.1.1
• EV Charging Points For The Home
• Commercial EV Charging Points
• Public Facing EV Charging Points
EV charging pile , charging stations
DC charger series adopt modular design, with APFC function, which can meet the different needs of different voltage and different power. It is mainly installed in the expressway service area, gas station, large electric bus station, EV charging stations etc. to provide fast charging for large electric passenger cars and electric buses.

Product F unctions

1、Large charging power and wide-range output current and voltage can meet needs of different EV bus.
2、Using the LCD touch screen as human-computer interface to display current charging mode, time, quantity and billing information.
3、With CAN/RS485/ Ethernet communication interface, it can provide the perfect communication function and it can receive the remote control command.
4、Set the card interface, support RFID card, IC card etc.
5、By using flame retardant shell material, strong shell structure prevents users to easily touch live parts.
6、It conforms to the test criterion of GB/T18487.1-2015;NB/T33002-2010; NB/T33008.2-2013; GB/T20234.3-2015.

Products Parameters

Products Size:700*500*1800m

mWeight: ≈250kg

AC Voltage Input Rating:380VAC±15% (three-phase alternating current)

Protection: IP55

Frequency: 50Hz±10%

Operating Temperature: -25℃~55℃

Output Power: 30KW(Customized)

Environment Humidity: ≤90%

Efficiency: ≥96%

Power Factor(Full Load): ≥0.98

Crest Factor (CF): ≤0.2%