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EV charging point charging station
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American Standard AC Charging Pile

Item No.: GK-AC-A-136B
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EV charging pile , charging stations
GK-AC-A-136B smart AC charging pile meets the American UL Standard . The products meet the export inspection standard, and they are exquisite appearance and functional which can be conveniently installed on the fixed facilities such as vertical post or hanged on the wall, rear board and lamp post.

Product Features

1. By using flame retardant shell material, strong shell structure  prevents users to easily touch live parts

2. Set the card interface, support RFID card, IC card etc.

3. Three charging modes: according to power quantity, according to value and automatic charging (till full charging) are available.

4. The charging pile has  self-diagnosis and fault alarm function , and supports remote upgrading ,  monitoring , resetting and rebooting.

5. The human-machine interface adopts colored LCD   screen to  display the current charging  mode , time , power quantity and cost information.

6. Combining the  big data cloud storage function, it helps client realize  the  working  conditions  and  using rules of the charging pile, and promotes client to develop the business.

Main Functions

Protection function: in the process of charging, the charging pile can automatically cut off the output power, and has been installed the emergency stop button.

Self checking function: with self inspection and fault alarm function, charging pile can support remote upgrade, monitor, reset and restart.