DBW/SBW: Single Or Three-Phase Series Voltage Regulator
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DBW/SBW: Single Or Three-Phase Series Voltage Regulator

Item No.: DBW/SBW
DBW/SBW series large power voltage stabilizer is an energy-saving new product developed by our company absorbing the advanced technology of international same product, with the functions of over under-voltage protection, delay and error protection. It has

DBW/SBW: Single Or Three-Phase Series Voltage Regulator

Input voltage Single phase :220±20% OR :220±30%
Three phase: 220V±20% , Wire voltage regulator:380V±20%,
OR :220V±30%, Wire voltage :380V±30%
Output voltage Single Phase :220V
Three phase :220V, Wire voltage:380V
Output voltage accuracy 50/60Hz
Efficiency ≥98%(Power grade is over 50KVA)
Ambient temperature -10℃~±40℃
Wave form distortion No additional waveform distortion
Overload capacity ≤1.5S(in the condition that the external voltage changes is 10%)
Insulation resistance ≥2MΩ
Protective function It offers the protections against over voltage, over current, phase shortage and phase-sequence and mechanical failure
Response speed ≤1.5S(in the condition that the ecternal voltage changes is 10%)
Model Output current(A) Product size L*W*H(cm) Netweight(kg)
DBW-30 136 65*50*135 290
DBW-50 227 80*62*143 338
DBW-80 364 90*68*162 390
DBW-100 455 90*68*162 410
DBW-150 682 100*80*165 470
DBW-180 818 100*80*165 491
DBW-200 909 100*80*165 530