DC stabilized power supply,AVR Voltage regulator
AVR Voltage regulator
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DC stabilized power supply

Item No.: DCAVR
series superpower DC stabilized power supply for single circuit output
DC stabilized power supply


● Single circuit output
● Output high voltage and current
● Double-display for voltage and current (pointer, quantity, LCD)
● Short circuit protection, current-limiting protection, the current-limiting
    point can be adjusted randomly
● Plastic-sprayed steel panel

Main technical indexes
Output voltage : 0~30V continuously adjustable
Output current : 40~100A continuously adjustable
Power supply effect : CV≤5×10-4          CC≤5×10-3
Load effect : CV≤1×10-3          CC≤1×10-2
Ripple voltage : CV≤5mVrms          CC≤20mArms