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DDS238-2 single phase Digital power meter

Item No.: DDS238-2
DDS238-2 Single Phase DIN-rail KWH Meter
(Single Phase DIN-rail Meter, Single Phase DIN-rail Watt-hour Meter, Single Phase DIN-rail Energy Meter)

Brief Introduction
DDS238-2 single phase DIN rail KWH meter, a kind of KWH meter, has the characteristi

Technical Specifications
1. Standard 35mm DIN rail installation, to be in conformity with DIN EN5002 standard.
2. Standard 35mm width, complying with DIN43880 standard.
3. Step motor type impulse register display 99999.9kwh, or LCD display 99999.9kWh are both available
4. Standard one port passive pulse output (polarity)

Technical Data

Type DDS238-2
Accuracy Class Class 1
Rated Voltage ( V ) 120,220,230,240(V)
Rated Current ( A ) 5(65)A
Starting Current 0.4%Ib
Insulation Performance AC voltage 2KV for 1 minute, impulse voltage 6kv

Outer and mount dimension