Double Trip Type A Mini RCBO Single Module
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Double Trip Type A Mini RCBO Single Module

Item No.: AMR140
RCBO, B Curve A Type Single Module Mini, Double Trip 6A 10A 16A 20A 25A 32A 40A

General Information

AMR140 is a range of MCB sized RCBOs,apply to circuit of AC50/60Hz, rated voltage to 230V, and current up to 40A,bring higher
levels of safety to an electrical installation and its users because they include switched neutral as standard,which will
guarantee that healthy circuits remain in service and that only a faulty circuit is switched off and bring cost savings by
reducing installation and testing times 
Functions • 
Switching and isolation • 
Overload and short circuit protection • 
Protection against the effects of sinusoidal
alternation earth fault currents • Indirect and direct contacts protection • Protection against fire hazard caused by insulation faults.
• Both live and neutral line can be switched off,bring higher safety to an electric installations and its users. • Insulated
openings for easy busbar installations • It's MCB/RCD combined , provide both earth leakage fault or overload and short-cricuit
protection • With built-in neutral line,this saves time and money during installation and insulation resistance test • With mini
size as MCB, saves installation space
Residual current characteristics:
1MOD Double Trip RCBO Circuit protection RCBO, B Curve A/AC Type Single Module Mini RCBO
Pole No.:
1MOD 2p
Tripping curve:
B, C, D
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity:
Rated current (A):
6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32,40A
Rated voltage:
Rated frequency:
Rated residual operating current(Ma):
30mA 100mA
Tripping duration:
Tripping duration:
Electro-mechanical endurance
4000 cycles
Diameter of screw d(mm):
Degree of protection:
Fastening torque:
On symmetrical DIN rail
Terminal Connection Height:
H1=19mm H2=22mm

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