DZ47 3P MCB circuit breaker
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DZ47 3P MCB circuit breaker

Item No.: DZ47 3P
Most economic type MCB ,
low price with good reputation.

The product is mainly used in AC50/60HZ single-pole230V or two, three, four-poles 400Vcircuit for overload and short-circuit protection as well as for unfrequent on-and-off switching electric equipment and lighting circuit under normal condition. It can be used in lighting and electric motor distribution system. It is characterized with novel structure ,light weight, reliable and excellent performance, high breaking capacity.
    It is conformity with GB10963,IEC 60898 standards.

Main Technical Data:

    Type       DZ47 MCB
    Number of poles       1P,2P,3P,4P
    Rated Current(In)       1,2,3,4,6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63A
    Rated Voltage(Un)       AC230(240)/400(415)V
    Rated Frequency       50(60)HZ
    Curve       B,C,D
    Short-circuit breaker capacity(Cn)       6000A
    Magnetic releases

      B curve: between 3and 5 In

      C curve: between 5and 10In

      D curve: between 10 and 14In

    Endurance       >4000
    Terminal protection       IP20