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HBG high frequency olnine HBG series UPS

Item No.: HBG
HBG high frequency olnine HBG series UPS

The new generation intelligent online UPS -HBG series developed by Hongbao Company  adopts  MOTOROL A 16-  bit data bus microprocessor ,  with  strong calculation  ability,  it  can sense  and  control  different  working points of UPS quickly and  accurately, also  can  assure  high reliability.  We adopt special AC-DC change - over circuit  to  sense the output current and utput voltage of  the  commercial  power.  Through a  high - frequency  pulse width  modulator,  the  phase of  input  current waveform  and  voltage  waveform  becomes  the  same  and gets an input power  factor that is higher than  95%.  When the

commercial power is normal ,  it  passes through AC-DC circuit and gets DC BUS DC voltage, then via inverter, the DC BUS turns into 220V AC output, finally,  the power supply that all the loads applied  is a kind of pure  sine  wave power supply that has proceeded voltage regulation, frequency  stabilization  and  noise  filtering. By  means  of  using superior IGBT for power inverting element thatshows  high  frequency  switching character, the working frequency of UPS inverter can reach tens  ofthousands hertz,  which  not  only  improves inverter working efficiency , but also improves the whole UPS  machine working
efficiency ,  meanwhile ,  the  improvement  of  inversion  frequency  can  be  good  for reducing noise  of  inverter,  therefore, you just place the  HBG  series  UPS  in the  computer  room, it will not disturb  your  work. Through  RS232  communication  interface  mating  with HOSSONI power  supply monitor software, UPS integrates with network server, so that it can indicate
power situation at any time,  realize such  intelligent  functions  as self - inspection, auto - preserve, turning on and turning off the machine and recording  the power  situation and so on, even it can get the zero distance communication between human and machine. When the commercial power is cut off, the UPS will notif y the server  to turn off the machine, and it will store all
the data  automatically,  and then carry out the order of turning off  the machine normally,  hence,  no mater if  there is worker operating the network , it also can assure that the network data can be protected.
Performance (HBG high frequency olnine HBG series UPS

Controlled by microprocessor
Innovating software program control mode used by MOTOROL A microprocessor with strong application function  takes the
place of complex hardware lines, it not only shows small volume and light weight, but also can reduce the fault rate of UPS.   
RS232 communication interface

By means of using RS232 digital communication interface together with HOSSONI monitor software (Optional part), it can
realize zero distance communication between human and machine with the help of computer.

Supply power for long time
Adopting charger with strong ability, adding battery at user's requirement and prolonging the reserve time, it is special for
area where appears lack power supply for long time. 

Concentrated control panel
You  can  see  UPS  running  situation,  load information, battery power supply clearly on the control panel, while, you can
know  UPS  power  consuming  quality  and  variety  of  application  environment.  Light  touching  type button  with smart
appearance can take more convenience to operate, only you press button lightly, the power supply will switch on or switch

Flexible panel structure
Two panel structures for customers to choose

Auto sensing
When UPS is turned on, it starts to inspect the elements (Like inverter and battery) and load automatically, in order to find
problem in time and prevent any careless mistake.

With quite perfect self-protection design, either UPS overload, short-circuit, over low voltage of battery or high  temperature
of UPS, the UPS will turn off automatically.

Silencing unit
Considerate silencing function can stop boring alarm sound.
DC turn-on
Unique DC turn-on machine is helpful for full exerting UPS emergency reserve function.

Sine wave output
Either commercial power or battery power, both of them can output pure sine wave power supply with regulating voltage,
constant frequency and low distortion, therefore, it is the best power supply safeguard for loads.

Zero change-over time
When commercial power is off or it is on again, the time for switching between commercial power mode and battery mode
is zero.

TVSS function and lightning protection 
TV SSS  that is transient voltage surge suppress. It can be protected with switching of FAX, telephone,  modem,  network
and so on.

Thermal reserve for double machine
When  it  is  forbidden  to  cut  off  the  important  load  power,  the machine reaching more than 6KVA can overall support 
thermal reserve  function  for double  machine,  user  can  use  two  UPS,  one as main using, the other as reserve using,
when  one  appears  fault,  the  other takes charge of supplying power. Namely, UPS occurs fault, user also can use pure,
safe and stable power supply, and the danger of failing power is m inimum.

Bypass protection
Bypass power supply enables UPS emergency processing ability to be stronger, if user's loads appear dangerous at over
voltage, HBG series UPS can supply bypass power to protect.

Auto starting
When  commercial  power  appears  abnormal ,  UPS will enter into battery mode up to turn off the machine in the battery
state. When commercial power resumes, HBG series UPS can automatically start to run with the normal power supply.

Strong charging ability of long acting machine
HBG  series  UPS  long  acting machine has strong battery recharge ability that can supply 5-10A initial charging current,
besides long discharge time.

Self-check function
HBG series UPS can proceed a nalog power-off to enter into battery mode for supplying power, you can perform
this  function  at any time  with the self-check button on the panel, or carry out it regularly or irregularly through
mating with HOSSONI monitor software. 

Strong anti-interference ability 
In  term  of  electromagnetic  interference  and  radio  frequency  interference ,  HBG series UPS is designed as
per international standard EN50091-31E6100-4, in order to improve UPS safety and reliability efficiently.

Can be used together with generator
With  wide  range of  voltage  and frequency, HBG series UPS can match with the generators of major brands , it
can promote  that  the  service  time  can  be prolonged  and  the  bad  electricity  produced  by generator can be
eliminated effectively, furthermore, it can offer pure, safe and stable power supply for the loads.

Short-circuit protection for load
HBG series UPS has output short-circuit detecting function, when the load shows short-circuit, UPS will  protect
the machine up to tur -off state, the indicator lamp on the panel indicates, while, the machine gives alarm sound.

Can connect with inductive load
Connect HBG series UPS with the inductive load (PF=0.8)
POWER MANAGE 2002 monitor software (Shopping)
In order to get an even more convenient and effective control to the UPS, user can match POWER MANAGER
network monitor software with UPS to realize intelligent management.
Match with INTELLIGENT SLOT ( Shopping)
Match  with  HBG  series  UPS  with a INTELLIGENT  SLOT, you can choose an intelligent card to proceed global
control through the INTERNET, or through SNMP network management to realize centralized control and remote

Ultra-strong overload capability
When your overload exceeds 100% but less than 130%, HBG 6K,10K UPS will turn to bypass state from inversion
state after 10min, while, there is acousto-optic alarm, it enables you to have enough time to adjust your loads and
take more convenience for you in real operating.

Technical parameter (HBG high frequency olnine HBG series UPS)
Model/rated capacity On-line type HBG-1K
Input Voltage range 160V~276V 170V~276V
Frequency range 50Hz 6% 50Hz ± 5%
Output Voltage 220V 220V
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Range of
voltage variety
±2% ±2%
Range of
frequency variety
±0.5% ( Battery mode) ±0.5%
110% -150% → 30s 150% → 300ms 105%-130%→ 10min 130%→30s
Battery DC voltage 36VDC 96VDC 2 4 0VDC
lead acid battery
12V× 7AH×3 12V× 7AH×8 12V× 7AH× 20 12V× 7AH× 20
Reserve time
(Full load/half load)
7min/17min 8min/25min 5min/20min 18 min 2 min
Charge time Recharge 90% full electric potential for 8 hours
Switching time Power off or
power on again
No interruption
Indicator lamp Load lamp, battery power lamp, UPS running lamp
Battery discharge When input voltage fails, it will send alarm sound every 4s,
when battery is used up, it will send alarm sound every second.
Alarm sound UPS shows
Continuous sound
R232 Intelligent monitor function for Power off, low voltage of battery,
remote-control UPS on/off, etc.
Environment Temperature 0℃ -40℃
Humidity 10%-90%
Weight (NW) kg 14 35 36 84 163
Weight of long
acting machine
kg 7 13.5 14 37 75
Outline size D× W× H
395×150×220 455×195×345 570×260×717 640×340×980