JJW-3K Prevcise Puritying Power Supply
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JJW-3K Prevcise Puritying Power Supply

Item No.: JJW-3K
JJW JSW Series AC voltage stabilizer, adopt the sinusoidal energy-distribution voltage stabilization technology. They have features of high precision in voltage stabilization, quick speed in dynamic response, low distortion, high adaptation to overload, a
Input  voltage Single phase:185-250V ;
Three phase:320-430V
Output Voltage Single phase:220V±1%;
Three phase:220V±1%
Frequency 50HZ±4%
Voltage for over voltage protection Single phase:246±4V;
Three phase:426±7V (3P)
Loading effect ≤±0.5%
Dielectric strength 1,500V/min
Efficiency ≥95%
Wave form distortion ≤5%
Response time 20-100ms
Peak absorption input 500V-13us
Ambient temperature -10±40°C
Insulation resistance ≥2MΩ

Model Output power Product size L*W*H(cm) Net weight(kg)
JJW-1K 1KVA 33*17*27 14
JJW-2K 2KVA 38*18*31 19
JJW-3K 3KVA 41*20*33 26
JJW-5K 5KVA 46*23*37 34
JJW-10K 10KVA 50*25*42 57
JJW-15K 15KVA 60*28*45 73
JJW-20K 20KVA 60*28*45 90
JSW-3K 3KVA 45*34*65 55
JSW-6K 6KVA 47*40*85 80
JSW-9K 9KVA 47*40*85 105
JSW-15K 15KVA 55*44*90 128
JSW-20K 20KVA 58*48*98 150
JSW-30K 30KVA 58*48*98 180
JSW-50K 50KVA 65*70*116 240