JVL16-63 patent protected 10KA RCCB,RCBO / RCCB
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JVL16-63 patent protected 10KA RCCB

Item No.: JVL16-63
AC,A,S type_European popular SEMKO CB approved 10kA RCCB

Application Scope:

JVL16-63 Residual Current Circuit Breaker provide the function of isolation switching and earth leakage protection of electrical circuits.And also provide the indirect protection of the operator's body against the dangerous effects of electric current and provide the protection of the fire caused by the electrical circuit fault.

Standard: IEC61008-1

Main technical parameters

Type: JVL16-63

Number of Poles: 2P,4P

Rated Current: 25,32,40,63A

Rated residual operating current: 10,30,100,300,500mA

Rated Voltage: AC240/415V

Residual current off-time: <=0.3s

Type: A,AC,S type

Ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity: 10000A


Terminal Protection:IP20

Approval: CB,CE,SEMKO