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Mini LED volt indicator AC DC

Item No.: pilot lamp
LED indicator, volt meter ,amper meter ,HZ meter and buzzer

Digital current and voltage meter
Mini circular panel digital current meter;

Only two lines of measurement and power supply, three digital display AC and DC voltage, both the voltmeter, but also the signal indicator, wide measurement voltage AC65 ~ 480V (red light), DC9 ~ 36V (green light);

Increase the exchange (red light) and DC (green light) ammeter, four-wire operation;
Increase the symbol display indicator V / DC, V / AC, A / DC, A / AC;
The ammeter can be used as a more disruptive indication of load disconnection
Φ22 / 25mm round short body indicating device
Φ22 / 25mm panel round hole installation, short body compact

Mass production of patch technology, cost-effective, low power consumption, wide range of applications
In line with IEC60529
RoHS compliance with RoHS directive;
Obtained CE certification;
Accept OEM, ODM customized services.