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EV charging point charging station
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Multi-function EV charging station

Item No.: Multi-function AC charging pile
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EV charging pile , charging stations
Multi-function AC charging pile not only preserves all the functions of the initial charging pile, but also has LCD display, magnetic induction and emergency stop button. Also, it designs to connect the ad spaces to light up the LED lights at night which combine charging equipment with advertising equipment perfectly to gain higher profits for customers.
The charging pile with ad spaces is suitable for installation in the office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, public parking lot, road shoulder and other public places. Design for waterproof and dustproof design, thermal protection and lightning protection etc. Power grid input overvoltage, under voltage protection; output current, short circuit protection; leakage protection; emergency stop protection; connection fault protection; grounding protection.


Product details
Power Output Rating: 7kw(220V AC 32A)
Operating humidity: 5%-95%
AC  Power Input Rating: 220V AC 50Hz
Operating Humidity: ≤95%
Storage Temperature:  -30~70℃
Power Factor(PF) (Full Load):>0.99
Working Temperature: -25~55℃
Protection : IP54
Charging Standard: in line with GB/T 18487.1 -2015

Multi function charge: charging according to the power, the amount of charge and automatic charging (stop if it is full) function.
Protection function: in the process of charging, the charging pile can automatically cut off the output power, and has been installed the emergency stop button.
Card payment function: charging pile has IC card reader device and supports read the contact IC card and implements charging control and charging billing.
Measurement and timing function: AC can measure in accordance with the provisions of the GB/T28569, with the calculation of the amount of charging, charging time function.
Self checking function: with self inspection and fault alarm function, charging pile can support remote upgrade, monitor, reset and restart.
Communication function: with the function of communicating with superior monitoring management system, charging pile supports CAN bus, Ethernet, GPRS and other communication methods.
Charge booking: According to the interactive platform, book information to lock the charging station, charging stations for the user to make an appointment
Multiple means of payment: support third party payment platform, card payment, mobile payment and other means.