TDJA/TSJA: Oil Cooling Type Variable Transformer/ Variac
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TDJA/TSJA: Oil Cooling Type Variable Transformer/ Variac

TDJA /TSJA series oil cooling type variable transformer/VARIAC is similar to the conventional vertical wound rotor asynchronous motor. When the relative position of stat-or is changed, the inductive potential phase (three phase) of stat or winding will be
Model Rated capacity Phase number Frequency Rated input voltage Rated output Voltage Rated output current Product size L*W*H Net weight
TDJA-31.5 31.5(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 63(A) Φ88*130(cm) 420(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 48.5(A)
TDJA-40 40(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 80(A) Φ88*130(cm) 450(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 61.5(A)
TDJA-50 50(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 100(A) Φ88*130(cm) 650(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 78.9(A)
TDJA-75 75(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 150(A) Φ133*147(cm) 750(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 115.5(A)
TDJA-100 100(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 200(A) Φ88*130(cm) 900(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 154(A)
TDJA-150 150(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 300(A) Φ88*130(cm) 1150(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 231(A)
TDJA-200 200(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 400(A) Φ88*130(cm) 1600(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 308(A)
TSJA-50 50(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 420(V) 68.7(A) Φ88*130(cm) 465(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 44.5(A) 150(kg)
TSJA-75 75(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 420(V) 103(A) Φ88*130(cm) 650(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 66.6(A)
TSJA-80 80(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 420(V) 110(A) Φ88*130(cm) 720(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 71.1(A)
TSJA-100 100(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 420(V) 137(A) Φ88*130(cm) 750(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 89(A) 720(kg)
TSJA-150 150(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 420(V) 206(A) Φ88*130(cm) 850(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 133(A)
TSJA-200 200(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 500(V) 230.9(A) Φ88*130(cm) 1400(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 178(A) 1300(kg)
TSJA-250 250(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 500(V) 289(A) Φ88*130(cm) 1600(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 222(A)
TSJA-315 315(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 500(V) 363.7(A) Φ88*130(cm) 1800(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 280(A)
TSJA-400 400(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 500(V) 461.9(A) Φ88*130(cm) 2850(kg)
TSJA-500 500(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 500(V) 577(A) Φ88*130(cm) 2950(kg)