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TNSJA Oil Immersed Induction type Voltage regulator stabilizer

Item No.: TNSJA
TNSJA Oil Immersed Induction type Voltage regulator stabilizer


The oil immersed voltage stabilizer is composed of voltage regulator and transformer SSTS (including, oil tank, stator, rotor top 
cover, drive control motor M, hand wheel, control circuit board and secondary circuit elements for voltage regulation control). It 
achieves the rotational voltage regulation through electric motor drive or hand wheel and gear coupling within the rotation range
of 180o. Besides, it is provided with the electric SS limit and mechanical limit on the upper end of the oil tank. For electric SS limit,
the power supply of motor is switched off by a limit switch and for the mechanical limit, the rotational limit is stopped by bolt pro-
tector. The stator winding and rotor winding are fixed by the base frame and put into the oil tank with 10 # transformer oil. When 
the load generates heat, the heat dissipates from the radiating pipe by the way of Oil-immersed cooling. The oil immersed voltage 
stabilizer has the functions of phase failure, phase loss, overvoltage and over-current protections, and its main circuit has the 
characteristics of contactless voltage regulation, no mechanical wearing, no spark, no interference and low failure rate. In addition, 
this voltage stabilizer has the advantages of high impact resistance, super strong instantaneous overload capacity, long service
life and maintenance free.

Technical datasheet

Rated power 100KVA  up to 2500KVA
Input voltage 304~456VAC(+/-20%) or 25%/30%(optional)
Output voltage 380VAC or 400VAC/415VAC(optional)
Output voltage accuracy +/-1~5% adjustable (factory set value: +/-2%)
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power factor 0.8
Response time <0.5S
Efficiency >98%
Response time 3000V/60s
Insulation resistance >20MΩ
Waveform distortion No additional waveform distortion
Ambient temperature -10ºC~+40ºC
Temperature rise ≤65ºC
Relative humidity <95%
Noise <55dB
Cooling system Oil-immersed self-cooled
Protection Over-voltage/under-voltage, phase sequence, and fault alarmetc
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