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variable-AC power supply/Frequency Converter

Item No.: three phase
three phase variable-AC power supply/Frequency Converter
1. three phase variable-AC power supply/Frequency Converter application:

● R & D, manufacturing, quality control test

● export home appliances product testing

● aviation, ship, power simulation

● Electronic ballast test

● Defense, military, research units

● Switched power supply test

● electrical product life test

● Computer monitor test

● photocopiers, OA product testing

● air conditioning, compressor testing

● PTC heater test

● Transformer, motor test
2. product description :

We are the leader of transistor converter in the country, of which the best performance no other product can surpass.
One key stop function against breakdown, rapid reaction. Time≤2ms.
Strong overload capacity. Carrying current can bear three times the rated current.
Output frequency: 40-499.9Hz logically programmed waveband setting
Output voltage 0-260V/0-520V ten laps of venire regulation
Design patent on power module, rapid reaction, suitable for special load, high-efficiency energy
Current parameter measurement with high accuracy
Voltage:±0.15%FS+4COUNT; Current:±0.2%FS+4COUNT;
Frequency:±0.1%; Power:±0.3%FS+4CIYBT.
Stable and clean sine-wave voltage, perfect function of protection, breakdown warning and display
With input non-fuse switch, quickly locate breakdown, emit warning and show the problem
Quickly sense the voltage, over current, over loading, under voltage input, excess temperature and
3. Detail specifications
Type(JX/TP-) 3060N 3100N 3150N 3200N 3300N 3450N 3600N 3750N  
Output capacity(KVA) 6 10 15 20 30 45 60 75  
Circuit type IGBT/PWM pulse-width modulation  
A/C input Phase Three-phase  
Waveform SINE WAVE  
Voltage 380V±10%(Optional:220V±10%)  
Frequency jitter range 50Hz or 60Hz±5%  
Power factor 0.9  
A/C output Phase Three-phase  
Waveform SINE WAVE  
Voltage Low 5V-260V(L-N)  
High 10V-520V(L-N)  
Frequency 40-499.9Hz  
Frequency stability ≤0.01%  
Maximum current H(A)240V 8.3 13.9 20.8 27.8 41.7 62.5 83.3 104.2  
L(A)120V 16.7 27.8 41.7 55.6 83.3 125 166.7 208.3  
Performance Stabilized power supply rate ﹤1%  
Stabilized load voltage rate ﹤±1%(linear load)  
Wave distortion rate(THD) ﹤±2%( linear load)  
Efficiency ≥85%  
Reaction time ≤2ms  
Crest factor 3:1  
Protector Output non-fuse switch, Quickly sense the voltage, over current, over loading, under voltage input, excess temperature and short circuit. Automatic protection and warning system, Show the breakdown  
Display Display interfac Digital LEO display  
Voltage 4 digits , digital voltmeter, resolution0.1V  
Current 4 digits , digital ammeter, resolution0.1A  
Power 4 digits, digital power meter  
Frequency 4 digits , digital frequency meter, resolution0.1Hz/Step  
Environment and others Insulate impedance DC500V≥20MΩ  
High voltage insulation AC 1800V 10mA/1min  
Cooling means High speed variable-frequency fan cooling and enforced cooling  
Working temperature 0℃-45℃  
Relative humidity 0-90%(not coagulation mode)  
Height above sea level ≤1500m  
Size(H×D×W)mm 800×620×420 1040×950×610 1800×1200×800  
Weight(kg) 160 200 260 320 450 550 660 750