Wifi app control reclose RCBO 1P+N type A 18mm
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Wifi app control reclose RCBO 1P+N type A 18mm

Item No.: TOBN
Wifi app control reclose RCBO 1P+N type A 18mm
This reclose RCBO can be widely used in power grid terminal lines, such as meter box, new energy line management, photovoltaic solar control box, smart power, smart home, new energy vehicle charging pile, etc.
Functional features of recloser:
1. It can be matched with circuit breaker / leakage protection switch to automatically reclose when MCB / RCCB trips unexpectedly without manual closing, reduce manual maintenance cost, eliminate faults in time and improve efficiency.
2. Built in 3 times of reclosing. If continuous closing fails within 15 minutes, it can alarm through the auxiliary contact.
3. With manual / automatic selection switch.
4. It has mechanical / electronic double locking function.
5. The shaft transmission mode is more stable and reliable.
6. It can be matched with other accessories.
7. The working status is indicated by LED.

Tobn1 RCBO features:

1: Provide earth fault / leakage current protection and isolation functions.
2: High short circuit current withstand capability.
3: Suitable for terminal and pin / fork bus connection.
4: Equipped with finger proof connection terminals.
5: Refractory plastic parts can withstand abnormal heating and strong impact.
6: Automatically disconnect the circuit when the grounding fault / leakage current exceeds the rated sensitivity.
7: Independent of power supply and line voltage, free from external interference and voltage fluctuation.
Residual current characteristics:
Wifi app control reclose RCBO 1P+N type A 18mm
Pole No.:
1MOD 18mm
Tripping curve:
B, C, D
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity:
Rated current (A):
6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32,40A
Rated voltage:
Rated frequency:
Rated residual operating current(Ma):
30mA 100mA
Tripping duration:
Tripping duration:
Electro-mechanical endurance
4000 cycles
Diameter of screw d(mm):
Degree of protection:
Fastening torque:
On symmetrical DIN rail
Terminal Connection Height:
H1=19mm H2=22mm

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