ZHRA2-60 motor protection relay,Relay
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ZHRA2-60 motor protection relay

Item No.: ZHRA2-60
Used in industrial control systems, switchgear, air conditioning units, elevator machine room, pumps, fans and other motor control applications.
With overload, phase unbalance and stall protection function.
  • Technical parameters
  • 0.5-6A、5-60A/A220、A380
  • Functions
  • Built-in microprocessor, anti-interference ability, high reliability. 
    With phase failure, overload, unbalanced, stall protection function. Digital display current values​​, current measurement accuracy ≤2%. 
    Buttons (DIP) to set various parameters.With inverse-time overcurrent protection features, four kinds of selectable trip class. 
    Can no-load start, protection of any phase loss or overload. LED lights display, NO contact protection.