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LED indicator pilot lamp

Item No.: AD22
LED indicators utilise multi-chip technology to provide bright even colour in red, blue, yellow, white and green. An aesthetically appealing design featuring single back of panel lock-nut fixing and screw clamp terminals for easy mounting and connection.


1)Anti-interference signal lamp.

2)Built-in screw wire is more safe and conventient.

3)Light source is high brightness and solid color LED chips,it is longer life,lower energy

  consumption,light weight than neon lamp and incandes cence lamp

Weight  :16g

Material  :ABS


Voltage  :AC/DC12V,AC/DC24V,AC/DC36V,AC110V,AC220V,AC380V.

Screw Terminal Number:2

Insulation Resistance ≥2MΩ

luminescent material :high brightness LED