UPS-j uninterrupted power supply,UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply
UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply
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UPS-j uninterrupted power supply

Item No.: UPS-J
UPS-j uninterrupted power supply

UPS - J  power  supply  belongs to uninterrupted  power supply  that  has  high  efficiency , small  volume,  nice  appearance,  advanced  andreliable  performance specially designed for microcomputer system and precise electronic instrument.  When the commercial power is normal, it  outputs voltage stabilized AC power supply;  when the power fails or the voltage is too low  or too high, the inverter powered by battery outputs AC to load in 10 ms . During  battery  supplying  power,  if the commercial  power resumes, the inverter  in the  machine will stop  inverting immediately and  the commercial power restore into use; the battery is charging at the same time.

Features (UPS-j uninterrupted power supply)
UPS - J series  is  designed  based  on  UPS-H  series with the improvement in the inverting  transition  time . So,  it  is  more 

economical  and  more suitable  for computers in the family and office.

lnput Capacity(VA) 500M 500 1000 1500
Power(W) 210W 300W 600W 900W
voltage range
170VAC ~260VAC 165VAC ~280VAC
50 or 60Hz± 10% 50 or 60Hz± 10%
lnverter output Waveform Square wave
Frequency 50 or 60Hz± 0.5
Automatic voltage adjustment
170VAC 260VAC 220VAC± 10%
Response time for power off 10ms
Surge protection 320J (2ms)
Fitration Attenuate 10dB at 0.15MHZ Attenuate 50dB at 30MHZ
Overload When load exceeds 110% rated load, UPS closes automatically after 30s; besides,
when load exceeds 130% rated load, UPS also closes automatically after 3s.
Battery protection When voltage of battery is lower than 10V, it stops inversing.
Short-circuit UPS cuts off output automatically (Change the fuse in the machine if necessary)
Alarm sound Power supply from battery When input voltage is off, it sends slow alarm sound.
Low electric potential of battery When the battery is used up, it sends fast alarm sound.
Battery used up alarm sound.Send continuous alarm sound
Battery Capacity 1x12V, 4AH 1x12V, 7AH 2x12V, 7AH 2x12V, 10AH
Charge time Recharge time: 8h for 90% full electric potential
Battery protection Automatic inspection and discharge protection, fault indication for battery
Reserve time 4~10min (Determined by load)
NW(kg) 4kg 7kg 15.6kg 20kg
Outime size(mm) 255x 95x135 320x 110 x205 360 x150x 220 360x 150x 220

Battery presevation (UPS-j uninterrupted power supply)
Under  the normal condition,  the battery should be charged once for every  three months, and  the charging  time should be not less than 6hrs. In the high temperature area, the battery should be charged once every two months,  and charging time also should be not less than 6hrs.